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Interesting things about Germany

While here, I really wanted to not only learn as much of the German culture as I could but to also be a part of it. I didn't only want to a tourist or visitor. One of my missions was to emerse myself in the German culture as much as possible so that my time here would be more productive and interesting.

A few weeks ago, I posted a few things I had noticed about the peoples of Germany and today, I will update more. These are not merely observations but facts about the country that most or many people may not know about.

-wedding rings are worn on the third finger of the right hand
-saying hile hitler and doing the hand sign is illegal (when my friend was telling me this tidbit, she didn't even do to show me for effect. It is a big thing here)
-Citizens pay a tax of some sort to rebuild Berlin. This has been going on basically since the end of the war and some people are not impresed, to say the least
-Citizens who belong to a religious denomination have to pay a tay to keep their standing. This is especially necessary if one wants to get married one day in a church, for instance
-The official language is German but each region/state has its own dialect which is very different and distinctive
-The more north you go, the flatter the landscape
-Sex and anything related to sex is widely accepted and expected. Finding very sexy magazines at all and any store is the norm and no one blinks an eye at the very provocative photos. I find this is true for all of the European cities I have visited
-I was told that people in the army are not respected as they are seen as creating and perpetuating violence and unrest
-Germans have the lowest birth rate in the world (and from living here I can say this is a big truth)
-school are subdivided into Realschule, gymnasium, Hauptschule and comprehensive school
-The way the school system is structured is kinda old school. At least one parent must go home early or leave work early to take care of the child(ren) due to the structure of the educational system. Of course, most times it is the women.
-I can always tell all the mothers at work. They are the ones who either come in after lunch or leave at lunch or a bit after in order to see to the children. This is unfair as some women have worked hard on their career and it is almost like you have to give it up in order to be a mother. Not fair.
-Kids as young as 16 years old start off their "training time" at work places. The schedule is usually 3 days at work and 2 days at school to complete the practical and theoretical aspects of education (if university or further education is not a wanted option). training time lasts for 3 years.
-You can sleep when you are dead is a huge saying here and one I love and have embraced
-Sports are a huge and important part of German life and culture. F├╝tbol is of course the most popular making handball and volleyball second and thirds
-Germans work very hard but (at least to me) play harder.

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Those are some very interesting facts. The whole school thing and wedding rings on the opposite hand. Interesting.....

by liz

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