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Movie night in Vaihingen, Stuttgart

I finally made my way to the english speaking movie theatre in the Stuttgart area that I wrote about months and months ago about. Last week I took myself to see the popluar movie Star Trek and was not disappointed at all.
Finding the theatre was very simple and easy to access. Taking the S5 toward Vaihingen from the main station (hbf) is all you need to do. After hopping off the train, I was at the movie theatre within 5 minutes of walking. Very easy to find and access. After settling in, I was able to enjoy a completely german speaking free movie. :) It was and is bliss for english speakers. There were a lot of us english speakers present but I noted that there were a few Germans in the cinema as well. I also noticed that during the funny scenes, the Germans (for the most part) didn't get it. They would catch the joke too late or not at all.

In any case, I noticed a marked difference about this town as I made my way to the train station. At first I didn't know what was so different about the people in Vaihingen but I knew there was some difference. I finally got it after waiting at the street light. The majority of people around me were speaking english! I was totally thrown for a minute as I digested this observation. I guess it made sense for corso cinema international to set up shop in this town.

In any case, the movie rocked and I knew and know nothing about the original Star Trek. I did however love the Next Generation. I have to admit that I found the main character who played Captain Kirk ok in the looks department. I read many reviews where girls were swooning over him. I did fancy the character who played Spock though. He is super hot! Yum!!!!

Posted by CanaGerm 02:03

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I am from stuttgart-vaihingen and i know the theatre ur talking about and people are talking english there because there's an american base called patch barracks in vaihingen and i guess in order to accomodate all the americans and keep them entertained they built shops and amusement centres for them.( i lived near the base)
But anyways how did you find vaihingen was it pleasant did u take any pictures? sorry i'm so curius i haven't been back home in quite a while.

by Anne

The character who plays Spock is Zachary Quinto he also plays bad guy, Sylar in the TV show Hereos. I think he makes a great looking spock.

by liz

Anne: i found vaihingen fine. people were nice there and accomodating. nothign out of the ordinary. plus, i like the english speaking cinema. >;)

Liz: Oh, I know the actors name. :) he is too cute not to know. i was just too lazy to type it up on the post. thanks friend.

by CanaGerm

My daughter is moving to vaihingen very soon so it is very interesting for me to find out things about the area we are all looking forward to visiting Germany must learn to speak german.

by Lynn Clark

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