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So, this blog has come to an end

I am currently home and back to life as I left it 3 months ago. My time in Germany was amazing to say the least.

I have learned so much at work which has opened my eyes on how varying departments function and how it all contributes and connects as a whole.

enchanting heidelberg
Heidelburg day 022

Heidelburg day 022

I have learned that judging people based on past history is not only a waste of time and energy but brain cells.

Heidelburg day 079

Heidelburg day 079

I have learned that I can live away from my family, friends and comfort zones very well. I just need to have sounding boards and support from said family and friends but otherwise, I can survive.

If I can survive in Germany, I am certain I can live anywhere I set my heart to.

austrian alps

I now know what the missing link was in my life. I have finally found it.

I understand and accept that no matter how exciting something is, there is always an adjustment period but waiting it out can lead to dynamic and wonderful things!

fav. house in strasbourgh, france

I am a different person than I was three months ago.

beautiful germany

Making new friends is very possible and exciting.

pouring rain outside, warm and dry inside my office building

Once I opened up, so did other people.

If you read this blog from the beginning, I thank you, and you will see mainly the positive of my three month stint in Deutschland. Trust me when I say that some spots were very ROUGH! I was not always happy while living here, especially in the beginning, however like in all things, I learned that I have to make myself happy in all situations. I can't rely on others for that.

Germany has touched me so deeply. On my second last night in Stuttgart a few colleagues and friends took me out to celebrate my time here. We all had a great time. So good in fact we left the club when the sun was coming up and I got home on the first train of the day, 5:45am! After the party, we were starving so stopped at a doner place to get a quick snack (just like every other party goer in the city-it is always packed and lively in the city but surprisingly orderly and safe) when I happened to bump (literally) into a couple of coworkers. We ended up speaking for an hour on my stay and their lives etc.. It was great if a bit fuzzy. :)
But before all that and while at the club, the song, "Time of my Life" came on and I have to admit that I choked up a bit as I sang out the song and danced. I feel like I had the time of my life in Deutschland and am beyond happy I came. In fact, I barely have the words to express my feelings of bliss and elation with this country.

germanys countryside on a train

It has been an amazingly rewarding experience. I am beyond happy that I came and that I was able to get so much out from it. I will have some amazing memories and people stored in my heart. I am overwhelmed with emotions right now. And, I think this is a good place to end this blog and close this part of my life.

Thank you for reading and sharing along with my journey into one of the most amazing and fun countries I have had the privilage to live in.

Peace out!

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I have spent the past two days reading through your blog and enjoyed my 'armchair' travel through Germany with you!

I found your blog while searching for info on my (hopefully) upcoming two-year job based in Germany. I was hoping to find some inspiration and some advice on things to see and do.....you did a wonderful presentation of your experiences.

I just recently began traveling internationally and like you...had some up times and some very down times. I can relate to the bittersweet feelings you expressed.

I hope that you get to fulfill all of your dreams!!

Just wanted to say thank you for sharing your experience...

by Khandilee

I would love to follow along on your 'new' blog....please let me know!! If we both make it to Germany, maybe we can meet up!


by Khandilee

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