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The Swabian diet

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Since living here, my salt intake has increased 10 folds due to the cuisine in the south of Germany, where Swabians reside. The diet is heavily influenced by meats, sauces, salt, beer and spätzle. I will do a special blog one day on the lunches that I consume for 1 week, just to give you all a snippet into my new eating habits. I have to say though that the heaviest meals are consumed (by the average person) at midday and dinner (not all cases) is something light. This is also normal for most European countries, which I am sure most everyone knows.

But, I have to point out some interesting observations about the Swabian diet. When I questioned my friends on these findings, they said they are all normal around here but Bavarians think of their (most or some) eating habits are weird. So, this is not the norm for all German's, just people in the south.

What I have observed to date:

-extra salt is added on everything & I mean everything! On salad, on fried cheese, veggies etc.. Pasta, spätzle, rice, meat, sauces are all really, really salty.
-sauce is HUGE here. I don't mean only gravy but I am talking about any sort of dressing. Salads are drowned out, plates have a valley of brown, white, red (whatever color) sauce where carbs swim.
-Lentils and wurst is huge and considered a local delicacy. I personally cannot stomach the combination. I don't really like wurst and have yet to come across one that I have eaten in it's entirety. And with lentils? NO!
-Combinations of rice, pasta or rice, spätzle and meat is normal
-Finding water without gas is sometimes very hard. Juice with gas is everywhere. God help you if you are in the city square and looking for a non-gas filled bottle of juice or water. I used to hate juice with gas but now I actually like it.
-Meat is huge here. People can't understand when I have a meatless meal for lunch. They look at me like I am crazy
-I love how beer is consumed everywhere and all the time. Last weekend I was on a train before 7am and there was a man downing his first pils of the day. I giggled at the freedom.
-As you can image, spätzle is huge here and can be found on almost every single menu cathering Swabian food or otherwise.
-the dairy products are friggin delicious. I think it is the lack of pasturization that makes the dairy taste like gold
-I have sampled some very interesting German sweets here and loved most of them. They can be very heavy though.

I am sure I am missing other things but these are just a few off the top of my head. I didn't think I would love German cuisine when I first came here because seriously, Germany is not known for it's food. The beer, yes, but not food. But, I am liking most everything. As I said, I am not into the meat-all-the-time deal but I am enjoying things as much as I can. I have been downing gallons of water though to keep the sodium from piling up too much in my blood. :) So far, I love Deutschland!

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Reading your blog, I think I would have a really hard time stomaching all that salty, saucy food. I am not a meat lover, I mean I like meat every now and then, but definitely not everyday. Gas in water and Juice( I would be on the hunt for normal water) I guess I could just stick with tap water.

I don't know if I could do it. I would probably stick with the bread and nutella... MMmmmm I could do that almost everyday..:)

by liz

Just doing some research on Schwabia (where my ancestors are from) and found your entry. Very interesting! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

by Mary Roemele

That sounds like a diet I can live with! lol

by Peaches84

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