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I met this girl, Tiffany, when I was in M√ľnchen a few weekends ago over. We were both single girls at the hostel alone so I asked if I could sit with her. We ended up sharing a meal and having a conversation over the hostel breakfast. Our talks varied and eventually settled on Europeans and mainly German and Parisian women, and how they maintain such pretty figures while guzzling pints of beer, food laden with creamy sauces and wine...oh, the wine consumption! While I told her that skinny is not really a big trend here in Germany, the south at least, and healthy normal size is the norm, she pointed out that in Paris, France a majority of the women are skinny and she was puzzled on how they keep their girlish figure.

Tiffany is a student from Tennessee who is in Paris stuying for a year. She had been in Paris about 8 months now and was still scratching her head over it. When I suggested that Parisians walk a lot and everywhere, she came back with a renounded, "that can't be it!". You see, according to her, she walks everywhere also since she arrived in Paris but instead of losing weight, she feels she has gained! She pointed out that lunch and dinner are consumed with great glee and for long stretches of time (especially dinner). The meals are apparently plentiful, multi-coursed and heavy! When I laughed, thinking she was joking, she seriously told me that rich sauces are served on top of meats, pastas, rice, anything! Salad's are not typically "lite" and have lots of yummy ingredients on top of lettuce leaves. Bread is abundant and plentiful. Desserts....apparently divine, sweet and fattening!

So, how do French women stay thin if they consume all this food, walk like everyone else in the city and still not gain weight? How do my collegues and most of the German women I see here (NOT ALL though) stay beautifully curvaceous (a huge norm) and sexy (but overall not slim or skinny), walk, I would think the same or even less than me since I have no car here, drink all that beer, eat those heavy meals (at lunch and sometimes at dinner!) and still look damn good?

Tiffany and I concluded that it must be genes. It has to be. There just did not seem to be any other other viable conclusion after swinging it around our heads a few times. I don't see that many more people jogging or working out here than at home so it is not a matter of exercise.

Whatever it is, they are damn lucky, for the most part, not having to worry about such things as diet and gym passes.

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I agree it's the walking. I ate EVERYTHING in France and thought I gained about 10 pounds in a week -- but came home to discover I lost 5. It's the walking that gets rid of cream, meat, bread, everything!

by Erin

It is the walking, and the smoking did add to that too, but i ate everything..you know me vala. and after a few months in europe i was a size 6..got pictures to prove it!! and stayed that way for the years that i lived in europe...lisbon, london, alicante and milano. loved the food, walked everywhere or had to run to catch transportation, and danced the night away..especilally in lisbon. who needs a gym, too expensive. just keep up the walking..in one day i litteraly walked 10 hours around milano (i know crazy!!!). dont do that, but just walk and dance n you'll get your workout, and work off the food.

by susy

oops i also forgot to mention, that the beer thing is if your not drinking beer all of the time. you have to ration it out and in between drink wine and other drinks cuba liber (rum & coke), and perhaps some water, or else you may develop a beer belly..like i did after a couple of weeks of beer drinking. it wasnt pretty a size 4 in a bikini with a beer belly. as soon as it apperaed i went off beer went bake to wine, coolers and cuba libre and it was gone..thank god for all that walking n dancing!!! enjoy your time abroad cuz the real culture shocker will be comming home. and plus the woman in europe look smaller cuz most of them know how to dress for their body so they wear what suits them..unlike here many dont know how to dress.

by susy

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