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Bahn25 card drama

My first hour in Germany was spent basically looking around puzzled and being bumped around by busy Swabians on their way to work. Imagine me with a backpack, a laptop bag, and 2 big suitcases trying to make my way from Frankfurt to Stuttgart in the seemingly easy to navigate airport. At that time, nothing was easy as everything was...well...Deutsch!

I was sweating, nervous and afraid to open my mouth. Since Frankfurt is this huge central station for travelers I expected to see more english signs but I was brutally wrong. Everything was in German. It was really scary telling you the truth. So, when I saw a familiar sight, Deutschbahn depot (doing extensive research on Germany made me aware that DB basically was Germany and ruled it) I quickly loaded my suitcases onto a cart and pushed my way into the office.

When I went to get a ticket to Stuttgart and instructions on how the hell to get to the tracks for said train, the attendant asked me if I wanted to purchase a DB card. At first I was going to refuse as I thought I would be doing a lot of air travel rather than train but I changed my mind and got one anyway. I bought the DB25 card, second class, which is a card to get up to 25% off train travels (if you book earlier enough in most cases) in 2nd class. In the long run, this card was my best purchase since being here.

At the office, I had to take a picture and use the receipt in the interim until my card was mailed to me. Fine, good. Let's fast forward to two weeks into living here. I get a letter from DB that the picture I took in Frankfurt was blurry so, please send another picture via email or post. No problem.

I sent a picture of myself with my colleague/friend Marcus in the background (that was the only personal picture I had of myself at the time on my laptop). In the email, I specifically told them that I am the Black Girl in the Picture.

One week later, I get a letter from DH. I felt the envelope and realized that a card was indeed inside. Excitedly, I ripped open the packaging only to find this........
Paris 472

Paris 472

Ah yeah, you can see that is NOT me! Even if you didn't know what I looked like, the notes BLACK and GIRL should have given it away right away. I have to say at this point I was frustrated and livid. They put Marcus on the card instead of me! When I got to work the next day, I showed my friend my card who immediately broke into laughter. At that point, I started to laugh also. In retrospect, I don't even know why I got upset. I mean, who cares.

Before we called DB to explain their error, again, the entire floor was in stitches laughing over the situation. Soon the man of the hour, Marcus, came to see himself immortalized on the card. It turned out to be this really fun situation. Due to this mishap, people I saw around the office but never spoke to started chatting with me. I guess it was like an "in".

After calling DB, and not even really getting to the heart of the mix up, the rep on the phone, started to laugh and said she would get it solved asap. True to her word, one week later, I had my fresh, new, PROPER DBCard waiting for me in the mail.
Paris 473

Paris 473

You gotta love it!

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