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December 2008

Interesting things about Stuttgart

During my readings about Germany, I came across some not so appealing things about the city. Stuttgart seemed like more of an industrial city where everyone worked but didn't play. Also, I heard it was ugly and I immediately thought of Toronto. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE T.O. but some parts are not so cute. In order to make myself feel a bit better, I started to read up more on Stuttgart and was pleasantly surprised on all it had to offer in terms of entertainment. Here are some things of interest:

-The city is spread across green! I was shocked as I assumed Stuttgart was all industrial but apparently it is surrounded by hills, and parks. Perfect for pictures and great after work walks.
-Stuttagart is located close to the Ludwigsburg towns, which is apprx 7 miles away. Ludwigsburg is famous for its palaces, quant little districts with red topped houses, cobblestone streets and interesting historical sites. It will also be cool to see some of the places that relate directly to my work/job.
-About 1 hour outside of the infamous Black Forest.
-All the cool castles to visit including: Castle Solitude, Hohenheim, and Castle Rosenstein.
-There is the Green U Garden. I plan on spending lots of time in cycling and walking around.
-The Wilhelma zoo. I haven't been to a zoo since I was about six years old so this should be fun. This zoo not only has animals but is also a botanical garden. Plus, it is open 365 days a year and closes most days at 6pm.
-Staatstheater Stuttgart which hosts plays, operas, theatre and ballets. How romantic to see a ballet in Europe!
-Stuttgart Spring Festival. It's exciting to think that not only I will be part of something so fun and internationally known but also something so historical. Too bad I will be missing the Wine Village (which takes place in late summer).
-There are apparently 5 major museums (such as the Mercedes-Benz museum) but I think I might have to skip these. Museums BORE me to tears. Sorry art lovers.
-I will try my best to attend church at Protestant State Church of W├╝rttemberg. Thank goodness I am pentecostal!
-Alas, I will still get my vino as Stuttgart is regarded as Germany's largest wine producting region.

I am pretty sure this list is only the tip of the iceburg. I am trying to contact as many Stuttgart expats as I can find in cyberspace on what I can do at night. As I said in my previous blogs, I have no intention of wasting any precious time in Germany at home watching television most nights. My intention is to squeeze out as much of my time as I can while there.

Side note: it is FANTASTIC to read that Stuttgart is one of the safest cities in Europe. It will make this single woman who loves to explore feel better while there.

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