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stuttgart.jpgAs I stated in my first blog, I am heading to Germany to work for three months. I am however, taking this opportunity to eek out every single travel opportunity I can while there. I have zero time or patience to sit in my flat night after night and wait for something exciting to happen to me. As per experience, you have to grab opportunity and life the horns in order to really do what is in one's heart.

I have spoken to a few of my other collegues who were lucky enough to go to Europe on this exchange and they only have very positive things to report. They were able to take advantage of the lower rates to travel inter-Europe and made sure that they visited many countries and cities during their stint. Combined (I spoke to two people so far) they have been to France, Switzerland, Italy, Norway, Finland, Belgium, Netherlands, Poland and I think Spain.

I was told to make sure I really plan out my travels as it can be overwhelming and stressful if not done properly. I have a wonderful website for the train service there and I will be employing their services once I start my true travels of Europe.

My plan is to take some vacation time while there. I think one week but I might stretch it to two weeks. Besides from my week vacation, I will do as many weekend excursions as I can squeeze in. I have to do some research on countres I would like to visit but since Switzerland is so close to Germany, I will hit this country up first.

More on the countries I would like to explore to come.

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6 Months to go

castle.jpg I created this blog so that my family, friends and collegues could follow my three short months of work and life in Stuttgart, Germany & jaunts in the surrounding countries in Europe.

A little background: I am just a girl from Ontario, Canada who had developed a penchant for travel and seeing the rest of God's wonderful green earth before I leave this planet about two years ago. My mini obsession with travel began after my insightful trip to New York. I LOVED every second I was there and realized that I really wanted to do more with my life at that point. The mundane humdrum of everyday life is fine and dandy but I want more. Knowing what I had to do, I decided to start off my world exploration rather mildly via group touring.

In February, 2008 I found myself marching down to Sears travel to book said 10 day tour with Trafalgar Tours. I paid a pretty penny for this tour but I thought it was certainly worth it as I was to see 5 countries in 10 short days. As I said, I wanted a gentle introduction into world travel. I was booked and living my life in the meantime. Life happened in the meantime which saw me making a few changes in other avenues of my life especially financially.

Then the unthinkable happened. While on a weekend getaway I received a call from my travel agent that my tour was cancelled! I was shocked and sad and pissed. The agent told me, while I was gasping for breathe, that not enough people signed up for this guaranteed departure tour so the company pulled it for my selected date. All my money for the tour, flight and insurance were being refunded. I was truly devastated and let down. Yes, I even shed a tear or two.

However, things always happen for a reason. God works in mysterious ways because not a month later an amzing opportunity showed itself at work which I took advantage of.

I found out about the employee exchange program via a freind of mine at work. It is basically two countries trading employees for 3 months (the max time company insurance will protect a person while out of the country). The countries on our exchange program include Canada, France, Germany and now Hong Kong. In any case, after chatting with my friend Anita about it, I decided to give it a try. I never really thought I would be selected as the I work in sales and marketing and this program is usually reserved for operational employees. I still applied thinking, what can it hurt? If they said no, they said no. Nothing to really lose.

So, after applying and waiting (and not being very optomistic I have to admit) I was told I was approved! I was in a state of shock to say the least. At frist I was advised that I would be heading to France or the Netherlands. Both were fantastic with me. However, about a month after I received the green light, it was confirmed that I would be stationed in Germany. Hence the title of this blog!

I am not leaving the country until Q2, most likely April 2009 but I wanted to set up a blog that my collegues could read that was not blocked. This site provides this. In the meantime, my posts will be sporadic at best as I will only be writing about my prep to leave Canada. Then the real thing will start. My goal is to write every night on my experience and update my weekends travels on Mondays. And, yeah, I have six months to go but damn....I am excited.

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