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Paris days, Versaille, Day 2 & 3

Today was all about visiting Versaille. Yeah, not really a fan. Out of all the palaces I have seen these past few months, I was the least impressed with this place. It was just a hot bed of pompousness and foolishness. I think I prefer old ruins and interesting history so Versaille did nothing for me.

outside the chateau

In any case, here are some pictures of it for our enjoyment.

pictures of the interior of the palace


the very ornate ceilings (I happen to love the details of schloss and palace ceilings)


the bed Marie Antoinette birthed her children, publically, to prove their geniality. WHAT?
After the castle visit, we made our way back to the city where I continued more of the city exploration. I did hours and hours of walking and took a trillion pictures and enjoyed myself.

if you watched Bourne Ultimatum, you might recognize this buidling. Bourne hid behind the letter M on this building
The Louvre from the canal
Arc de Triomphe
I tasted some of Paris' renound delicacies. I had a few cookies that were of course, delicious!

For some reason I found myself at a perfume museum. It was free so I strolled in and had a wiff and gander. Lovely.

old fashioned perfume bottles that belonged to the ricch and elite

Later that night I took a boat tour down on the Bateau-Mouche (without the fancy dinner) down the river Seine. It was with a small tour group where I met some very funny people from the U.S..
Views along the Siene

After the boat tour, we were driven around for a taste of Paris after dark where a lot of famous places in the city were highlihted. It was a really nice time.
Instead of going home though, Greta (a woman I met on the tour) had the driver drop us off close the Opera house and had a night cap which included chatting and eating crepes at 1am. The streets were bubbling over with locals and tourists having fun at or heading to bars, pubs and clubs. This city, like Toronto and New York, seems to never sleep.

The next day I spent with a new friend I had made. She is actually a friend of my friend from home who lives just outside Paris but came in the city to visit with me this morning. It was really special and nice of her.

We had a great organic brunch at a famous cafe and then walked around and shopped a bit.
these little 'stamps' on the walls of buildings are some sort of fun thing where there is an ultimate meaning..like connecting the dots in a way
apparently all the girls crowd to this place, my berry, as it is delicious ice cream and yogurt that has no fat!
there was an important tennis match on that day so the city set up a public viewing pit for everyone to enjoy the match. it was very intense.
I caved and bought a white watch. It was too cute to pass up. After a lot of window and actual shopping (by her not me) we said goodbye around 2pm as my train was leaving a bit after 3. I had a great day with M and I enjoyed Paris fully. I would like to hopefully go back one day but with more time and a lot more money.

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Look ma, I'm famous!

I did a bit of an interview on traveling solo and female and this is featured over at Brian's blog, NoDebtWorldTravel. Go have a read on how I manage to travel solo and still have a good time. I also give a bit of advise to people, but especially women, who want to venture out but feel a partner is needed. No! Enjoy the article and let me know what you thought. You can leave a message on this blog or at Brian's.

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Movie night in Vaihingen, Stuttgart

I finally made my way to the english speaking movie theatre in the Stuttgart area that I wrote about months and months ago about. Last week I took myself to see the popluar movie Star Trek and was not disappointed at all.
Finding the theatre was very simple and easy to access. Taking the S5 toward Vaihingen from the main station (hbf) is all you need to do. After hopping off the train, I was at the movie theatre within 5 minutes of walking. Very easy to find and access. After settling in, I was able to enjoy a completely german speaking free movie. :) It was and is bliss for english speakers. There were a lot of us english speakers present but I noted that there were a few Germans in the cinema as well. I also noticed that during the funny scenes, the Germans (for the most part) didn't get it. They would catch the joke too late or not at all.

In any case, I noticed a marked difference about this town as I made my way to the train station. At first I didn't know what was so different about the people in Vaihingen but I knew there was some difference. I finally got it after waiting at the street light. The majority of people around me were speaking english! I was totally thrown for a minute as I digested this observation. I guess it made sense for corso cinema international to set up shop in this town.

In any case, the movie rocked and I knew and know nothing about the original Star Trek. I did however love the Next Generation. I have to admit that I found the main character who played Captain Kirk ok in the looks department. I read many reviews where girls were swooning over him. I did fancy the character who played Spock though. He is super hot! Yum!!!!

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Too many places to see not enough time: Deutschland

Argh, there are just soo many places I want to see and unfortunately, three months is not enough time for me. There are a lot of places outside Deutschland I would like to see but there are lots and lots and lots of cities etc I would have like to visit right here!

Here is my wish list:

-Swabian Alps to see Hohenzollern Castle
-Bodensee or Lake Constance in english
-Neuenstein Castle
-Watch a few fütbol games and concerts in NeckarPark Stuttgart
-Experience a German Christmas Markt
-Go to numerous wine villages in Stuttgart and around Baden-Württemberg
-Take a retreat on any little island in Germany for a weekend
-Spend a day in the Black sea with friends
-Get carried away in medieval and emmerse myself in historical Erfurt
-spend a few hours wandering around Fortress Ehrenbreitstein in Koblenz
-work up enough guts to visit and totally enjoy a hot springs in Baden-Baden

Oh, the list goes on and on. There is just too much to see and do and absolutely no time. I am a bit bummed out by this but I promised myself that I will take this frustration of wanting to visit more in this country and transfer it to my home country. Canada is a treasure trove waiting for me to delve into so I will make a point when I return to see as much of my city and surroundings as possible.

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