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Things I am missing right now.....

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Don't get me wrong, I am in love with Germany. I never thought my heart and soul would fall head over heels in love with this country but I miss things from home at the same time. I guess creature comforts. This is what I miss (not in any particular order)

-My dear wonderful sisters and brother who always make me laugh and see the bright side of thing/life.
-My caring and very supportive parents who are always, always, always there for us kids.
-I miss Rocky.
-My wonderful support system of friends. Gosh, I miss having a real talk with these ladies. I miss spilling my heart out and not being ridiculed or critized.
-I miss my pals from work and my work! I like knowing what to do, when to do it, how to do it etc..
-I miss HGTV
-I miss the Hills and MTV
-I miss the Food Channel and Diva
-I miss watching Sarah Richardson transform a room
-I miss cooking food
-I miss living in more than 1 room
-I miss laughing loud and really hard (not really done here so much :) )
-I miss free hugs and kisses (no price attached)
-I miss affection
-I miss loving looks and pats from my family and friends
-I miss my home
-I miss my parents comforting and warm home
-I miss love
-I miss Frank and Adele
-I miss Tu
-I miss pure and sweet english!
-I miss my moms cooking

I could easily live in Kornwestheim and Germany but sometimes, just sometimes, I would love my home creature comforts. If I lived abroad for a longer space of time, I would adjust fine as I know I could but sometimes, there is nothing like home! But, then again, home is where you make it.

Surprisingly, I don't miss my car. Strange right?

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It's raining, it's pouring

Right now I am in bed (it's almost 10pm) watching Medium (again), uploading pictures to this blog, trying to make some plans and listening to the rain pelting against the window pane. I love the sound of rain falling while I am safely in my home. This is so nice....just wanted to update everyone. :)

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Having a new schedule

Many of you who know me personally or read my personal blog (not this one) know that my life is pretty crazy. I am constantly on the go, go, go so being here in Stuttgart and being all relaxed is a bit weird sometimes. At first, my biggest problem was having lots of spare time on hands. I didn't know how to fill it and be still.

However, right now I am more relaxed and enjoy my downtime. Well, downtime is a bit much as I always find something to do after work whether it is watching fütbol, meeting up with friends for drinks and/or dinner, shopping, running around, getting chores complete, taking walks or going to the gym. Yep, about a month ago I found a gym which is about four minutes walking distance from my hotel. At first, it took me about 1 week to find the joint as it is tucked away but after entering the first day, I did a serious triple take.

'Feel Good' gym is a serious throw back to easier and less high tech and advanced times. There are about 18 pieces of machine in total and some of them are a bit......antiquated. :) When I first walked in, I looked around with huge, shocked eyes. I was so not expecting this small place but here it was. In the days that followed, I started to enjoy the gym. When I go, there is usually about two other people sweating it up. The most people I have seen in that gym after work is four, at once. At first I thought it was just out and out GHETTO but it has grown on me. Now, I like going in and listening to my music or the German radio and not have to look at people who are trying to impress everyone else in the place with how much they can bench press. (sigh) No one cares!

Since I am now focusing on purely and simply having fun or getting boring stuff done after work, it will be a challenge for me when I get home to readjust. After I get back home, I know I will miss the slower pace that I am used to now and know I will miss the leisurely hours spent over a pint or watching games at a bar or laughing it up with friends after work. Only 7 weeks to go and then poof, reality will set back in.

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The Swabian diet

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Since living here, my salt intake has increased 10 folds due to the cuisine in the south of Germany, where Swabians reside. The diet is heavily influenced by meats, sauces, salt, beer and spätzle. I will do a special blog one day on the lunches that I consume for 1 week, just to give you all a snippet into my new eating habits. I have to say though that the heaviest meals are consumed (by the average person) at midday and dinner (not all cases) is something light. This is also normal for most European countries, which I am sure most everyone knows.

But, I have to point out some interesting observations about the Swabian diet. When I questioned my friends on these findings, they said they are all normal around here but Bavarians think of their (most or some) eating habits are weird. So, this is not the norm for all German's, just people in the south.

What I have observed to date:

-extra salt is added on everything & I mean everything! On salad, on fried cheese, veggies etc.. Pasta, spätzle, rice, meat, sauces are all really, really salty.
-sauce is HUGE here. I don't mean only gravy but I am talking about any sort of dressing. Salads are drowned out, plates have a valley of brown, white, red (whatever color) sauce where carbs swim.
-Lentils and wurst is huge and considered a local delicacy. I personally cannot stomach the combination. I don't really like wurst and have yet to come across one that I have eaten in it's entirety. And with lentils? NO!
-Combinations of rice, pasta or rice, spätzle and meat is normal
-Finding water without gas is sometimes very hard. Juice with gas is everywhere. God help you if you are in the city square and looking for a non-gas filled bottle of juice or water. I used to hate juice with gas but now I actually like it.
-Meat is huge here. People can't understand when I have a meatless meal for lunch. They look at me like I am crazy
-I love how beer is consumed everywhere and all the time. Last weekend I was on a train before 7am and there was a man downing his first pils of the day. I giggled at the freedom.
-As you can image, spätzle is huge here and can be found on almost every single menu cathering Swabian food or otherwise.
-the dairy products are friggin delicious. I think it is the lack of pasturization that makes the dairy taste like gold
-I have sampled some very interesting German sweets here and loved most of them. They can be very heavy though.

I am sure I am missing other things but these are just a few off the top of my head. I didn't think I would love German cuisine when I first came here because seriously, Germany is not known for it's food. The beer, yes, but not food. But, I am liking most everything. As I said, I am not into the meat-all-the-time deal but I am enjoying things as much as I can. I have been downing gallons of water though to keep the sodium from piling up too much in my blood. :) So far, I love Deutschland!

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